Caroline Valenti

New York City - Caroline Valenti is an exceptionally talented photographer with a distinctive style that incorporates motion and a keen technical understanding of color and contrast. Valenti’s work is at once minimal and complex, offering compelling visions with elusive narratives heightened by the combination of shadowy depths and brilliant light.

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Bezio Argument With Observer

New York City - Both wonderfully fluid and hard-edged as stone, the artist Bezio is on a quest to discover the fundamental mechanics of abstract art and color theory.  His characteristic emotive element is a face, simplified into a linear schematic, yet possessing an emotional, human quality in a format that would otherwise be fully abstract.  He is nearly scientific in his approach. “As an engineer, and zealous follower of the Bauhaus School, I have embedded concepts of open, closed, and fractal geometry in my art.”

Beyond the structural analysis of art is Bezio's determination to express the ineffable, to communicate an emotion in a nameless realm.  He works with a limited palette, in colors that are natural and timeworn; his abstract compositions are physically powerful and totemic.  Often creating works in pairs or triplets, the pieces seem to converse with one another, in a dialogue that is at once intimate and outspoken. Hailing from Greece, Bezio now lives and works in New York.

His work will be on display in Elements of Structure, an exhibition running December 7th to the 27th in Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York City. 

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Blue Ground

New York City - An exciting exhibition beginning highlights the artist's unique point of view. Roughly divided into three categories; “Verve and Reverence,” “Subjective Elements,” and “A Prism of One;” the show examines the unique filter through which each featured artist views the world. Pictures diverge from simple representation and become art when the creator applies his or her subjective interpretation to a scene.  These interpretations become objects of analysis: Quinn Stilletto sees and represents his subjects as matrices of color devoid of form, while Giannis Stratis imbues his studies with a thousand years of historical context.  Taken in sum, these various filtered views present a pastiche of the human experience, derived from artists hailing from every point around the world.

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Derek Alvarez Self Portrait As A MonkeyNew York City - Derek Alvarez's encounters with racism and violence in his youth drove him to explore the reality lying behind the outward appearance of things.  Alvarez selects disparate characters and styles from comic books and pop culture to transform their meaning, the comical nature of his art acting to sublimate the negativity surrounding him.  “I remember lots of hatred and violence on television as well as in real life,” he says, “it made me look inward and create a better world in my mind.”  But in this artificial world the hostility that spawned it often manages to unwittingly creep in.

Alvarez playfully composes but his interest lies not in overt storytelling, but rather in how an image may impart meaning to a viewer on an individual level.  A bold, finished look is achieved by using acrylic and enamels in an approach more graphic than painterly.  Alvarez received his BFA in 2004 from the University of Arizona and has been exhibited frequently in Tucson and Scottsdale.  He lives and works in Tucson. Alvarez’s work will be on display at Agora Gallery, 415 West Broadway, starting August 25th.

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Nikola Nikolic Marsh INew York City - To view Serbian artist Nikola Nikolic’s paintings is to have a tangible experience with the landscapes he captures on canvas.  His unselfconscious use of non-traditional hues evokes the fauvist agenda of self-expression, a driving force behind his creativity.  For Nikolic, his work is self-affirming, a record of his interactions with nature, its shapes, and spirits.  As expressions of his artistic prowess, Nikolic’s works exhibit an affinity for the van Goghesque palette and kinship with Gauguinian design.  In fact, his piece titled, “Landscape II” appears to echo Gauguin’s own “Jacob Wrestling the Angel” in spatial arrangement.

Influences aside, Nikolic maintains his artwork is an exploration into himself - the “spaces and labyrinths” within him that define his memories and his soul.  What he discovers becomes inspiration for his unique landscapes.  Those discoveries transfigure themselves through acrylic and oil within the frame of his canvases.  The viewer is invited to attend his work corporeally through the physical sensations he imbues within each piece.  The flow of water, smell of fresh air, rush of wind, and sun’s rays all contribute to this sensual encounter.  Prototypical of his distinct landscapes is Marsh I.  Upon approaching Nikolic’s bog, one feels the grass prick at the waist side and crunch underfoot.

Born and raised in the commonwealth of Serbia and Montenegro, Nikola Nikolic received his artistic training while attending the University of Belgrade’s Higher School of Fine and Applied Arts and University of Nish.  He has been exhibiting his work locally and internationally since 1997, and since has been the recipient of several awards.

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Agora Gallery Presents RESH

New York City- The colorful, vibrant paintings of RESH combine the intellectualism of abstract Cubism with the emotional verve of German Expressionism. These compositions represent a world seen from different, simultaneous viewpoints; the result is a dynamic movement within the composition. The planes of the landscape are joined at points, creating a shallow perspective where curvilinear forms are juxtaposed against rectilinear lines. The viewer feels an intense energy captured in these paintings, from scenes of a busy city, to the gentle portrait of a mother pig suckling her young. These artists capture a spark of life through their thick pigments and exciting perspectives. RESH is the pseudonym of two artists: Yosef Reznikov and Shkred Oleg. Reznikov is an engineer in addition to being an artist, Oleg is an architect and designer. Both have exhibited their work widely across the Eastern Hemisphere and in the U.S.A. RESH has been creating art together since 2000.

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