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Collective Exhibition: Contemporary Art at Agora Gallery - Chelsea

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Blue Ground

New York City - An exciting exhibition beginning highlights the artist's unique point of view. Roughly divided into three categories; “Verve and Reverence,” “Subjective Elements,” and “A Prism of One;” the show examines the unique filter through which each featured artist views the world. Pictures diverge from simple representation and become art when the creator applies his or her subjective interpretation to a scene.  These interpretations become objects of analysis: Quinn Stilletto sees and represents his subjects as matrices of color devoid of form, while Giannis Stratis imbues his studies with a thousand years of historical context.  Taken in sum, these various filtered views present a pastiche of the human experience, derived from artists hailing from every point around the world.

Paris Cafe InThe50s.jpg The artists of “Verve and Reverence” find common ground in the spiritual world.  Kitty van de Rijt offers ephemeral, diaphanous figures as a commentary on the obscurity of the human psyche.  Robert Huber contemplates the stars, while Gregory Sanville strives to regain a lost emotional contact with his medium.

“Subjective Elements” features artists conjoined by inspiration derived from human and natural forms.  Coudari employs Mannerist manipulations of the human body in sculpture, Azita Ganji uses a geometrical system she calls Geotrilogy to re-imagine outdoor spaces, and Irene Sfakianos focuses on precise moments of natural spectacle to form her body of work.

Red Sun “A Prism of One” shows us what results when an artist falls through the looking glass and reinvents his or her environment completely.  Ruben Talberg explores the use of the signifier, floating words across his abstract canvases as in a dream.  Nicole Woodford obliterates the background and reinterprets her subject as a composition of lines and fills.  And Rochelle Fogel defies the artist's preconception of a work, creating without premeditating and achieving fascinating enclosed forms.

The final interpretation of the subject occurs when we, as viewers, see the work through our own filters.  Training one respectful eye on the intent of the artists, we use the other to reinvent once more the image before us in a way that is subjective and deeply personal.  The result, gainfully achieved by every work in this exhibition, is a series of complexities that is virtually boundless.

Agora Gallery presents Collective Exhibition: Contemporary Art at its Best in Chelsea, 530 West 25th Street.

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