Shaw on Art

"I believe in Michelangelo, Velasquez, and Rembrandt; in the might of design, the mystery of colour, the redemption of all things by Beauty everlasting; and the message of Art that has made these hands blessed."

Waugh on Discipline

"A work of art is not a matter of thinking beautiful thoughts or experiencing tender emotions (though those are its raw materials), but of intelligence, skill, taste, proportion, knowledge, discipline and industry; especially discipline."

Dalí on Perfection

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."

Dalí on Drugs

"I don't do drugs. I am drugs. Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic."

Dalí on Art Nouveau Architecture

"The terrifying and edible beauty of Art Nouveau architecture."

Dalí on How to Treat Society

"In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society, it is a good thing, if you possess great talent, to give, early in your youth, a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love. After that, be a snob. "

Moore on Paintings

"The many great paintings of the world, all make the point as clear as possible: The soul cannot thrive in the absence of art. If you don't want the pleasure of art, you are not human; and if you are not human, you don't have a soul."

Abakanowicz on Art

"Art will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind born out of struggle between wisdom and madness, between dream and reality in our mind."

Price on Art

"Fine art is the only thing you cannot punch a button for. You must do it the old-fashioned way. Stay up and really burn the midnight oil. There are no compromises."

Cameron on Artist's Way

"Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite -- getting something down. That is the Artist's Way."

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Pause For Thought

Dali on Imitation

"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing."