Maurice Prendergast (American, 1859-1924) - Seaside, Maine, ca.1910/13 - Picker Art Gallery, gift of Mrs. Charles Prendergast

HAMILTON, NY.- The Picker Art Gallery at Colgate University features two new exhibitions for the summer and fall seasons, both highlighting special selections from the permanent collection: A Painters’ World: Twentieth Century Paintings and I See You: Drawings of Figures and Faces. The exhibitions will both be on view until November 16.

Benjamin Kopman (American, 1887-1965) The Dream, 1917 Picker Art Gallery Gift of Herbert Mayer '29A Painters’ World: Twentieth Century Paintings in the Permanent Collection brings together 35 paintings by acclaimed artists such as Milton Avery, Alice Neel, Willem de Kooning and Paul Klee, with work by others much respected in their home countries but barely known here. The show illustrates the international exchange of ideas and the migration of artists that made modern art a global phenomenon.

 I See You: Drawings of Figures and Faces in the Permanent Collection presents 22 spontaneous and intimate sketches by Paul Cézanne, Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, and others. The drawings represent 22 ways of looking at one another. Whether sympathetic or analytical, impulsive or self-reflective, the artists are all driven by curiosity. Most Western artists studied figure and face drawing as part of their academic training. They learned to appreciate this as one of the most fundamental and most personal forms of art making.

The Picker Art Gallery ’s permanent collection includes more than 10,000 objects, among them approximately 800 paintings and 2500 drawings, primarily from the twentieth century. The currently presented selections are the outcome of a re-evaluation of the collection. They highlight lesser-known, but significant, treasures of the collection alongside some often-exhibited favorites.
Also on view in the Picker Art Gallery are Richard Serra: Double Black, and Temple & Tomb: Art of Ancient China from the Arthur M. Sackler Foundation.

The Picker Art Gallery at Colgate University seeks to engage the imaginations, stimulate the minds, and captivate the eyes of its visitors - students, faculty, staff, community members, and travelers alike. It aims to serve as a laboratory for the exploration and presentation of new ideas about and related to art; as a forum for interdisciplinary collaborations grounded in visual understanding; as a beacon of excellence in its exhibitions, projects, and publications; and as a sanctuary for the contemplation and enjoyment of art. Visit :

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