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Copenhagen, DK - The ARKEN- Museum of Contemporary Art opened the exhibit Andreas Golder: "It Has My Name On It " through May 18. In recent years Golder has become the object of attention with his personal painting which in a humorous and elegant fashion renews painting’s potential – conceptually as well as regarding form and content.

Andreas Golder, JungesGenie, Courtesy K.WallnerIn Golder’s figurative paintings existential issues of identity and self-image are tangled up in absurd and comical narratives from everyday life. Anything from strong headwind to shopping sprees, catwalks and nose picking are valid subjects. The usually solitary figures race along, leaving deep tracks in the thick paint or are captured in serene moments of lonely wonder.

Golder’s paintings are twisted portraits and grotesque mirror images of the human condition and of the culture we have constructed around us. With great technical range he incorporates in his painting everything from photographic snapshots to writing and objects, nodding at heavyweight role models painters like Francis Bacon, Philip Guston and Per Kirkeby.

The exhibition is the first comprehensive presentation of Golder’s works in Denmark and includes a number of brand new paintings created specially for ARKEN’s exhibition.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art (ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst ) is a private self owning, but state authorised, new art museum near the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. It is located in the suburb-city Ishøj, close to the bay of Køge 20 kilometers south of Copenhagen. It was opened on 15 March 1996 by her majesty of Denmark, Queen Margrethe.
It was designed by the Danish architect Søren Robert Lund, and has a very special form of architecture. The museum features modern works by Danish, Scandinavian and international painters.  Visit :

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