Richard Hagerty - Strut  - Oil on canvas - 20 x 10 inches -  © 2005

CHARLESTON, SC - The Corrigan Gallery presents #147;Celebration,” a show of works by Richard Hagerty opening May 15, 2008 with a reception from 5pm to 8:00pm at 62 Queen Street, Charleston. The work will hang through June 15. This special show is also the Piccolo Spoleto Invitational show observing Hagerty’s status as the commissioned official poster artist for the 30th Piccolo Spoleto Festival. His work recalls that of Dali, Bosch, Brueghel, Kandinsky, Miro, Klee and Chagall.

Richard Hagerty Cambodian I Watercolor on paper 9' x 11' - © 2007Surgeon Richard (Duke) Hagerty began painting before medical school honed his eye and hand coordination. He is a self taught artist who draws his surreal, fantasy based imagery from dreams, mythology, history, science, and stories. Painting, he believes, is the language of the unconscious; the act of painting itself is as close as we get to dreaming in the conscious state. He works in a variety of media, including pen and ink, watercolor and oil. He has been a working artist for thirty years. This former Charleston City Councilman is widely acclaimed for his fantasy paintings in which he utilizes free association to craft psychologically potent dreamscapes. The symbolic art movement preceding World War II and the influence of the iconographic mark making of the Latin American and Asian cultures is evident in his work.

Often works are based on the artist's personal myth experiences and their connection to the collective unconscious. His works captured the viewer’s attention with movement, color and a complex story tantalizes far beyond a simple viewing of the work. Whether figurative or geometric, the work is familiar yet not. It carries the audience on a journey beyond time and place to an arena where all is possible and fantastical scenarios can play out. References are many; stories behind the imagery often remain untold; and the complexity of the repetition of images over the 30 years of painting remains to be unraveled.

 Hagerty was the 2007 Piccolo Spoleto Children’s Festival Poster Artist with his painting “Dream Children.” He was also selected as the Piccolo Spoleto poster artist, in 1984 and 1990 and was the 2003 Piccolo Spoleto Invitational Exhibition artist. His paintings have appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1979 throughout the southeastern region and in New York. His work is in the collection of the Gibbes Museum of Art. He had a solo show at the Gibbes Art Gallery (now Museum of Art) in 1991. The Tippy Stern Fine Art gallery exhibition entitled Paintings in May 2001 featured works by Richard Hagerty along with two other artists.

Corrigan Gallery opened its doors September 1, 2005 at 62 Queen Street, Charleston, South Carolina, just off the corner of Meeting and Queen streets in the historic French Quarter. The gallery exhibits works of art both representational and abstract possessing the charm of old Charleston with a contemporary edge. Representing artists whose work is beyond the traditional approach to the southern landscape of marshes and palmettos, there are new works to see on a regular basis. Artistic vision partnered with an intellectual strength and astute handling of the materials describes the work on display.  Visit :

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