Salvador Dali sculpture ‘Lady Godiva with Butterflies’ at the Chateau de Pommard, Bourgogne, France

Bourgogne, France - The Chateau de Pommard in Bourgogne, France, welcomes twenty eight selected pieces amongst them sculptures and engravings by Salvador Dali, for show in the chateau grounds. The exhibition has been organised by the Stratton Foundation whose president is Beniamino Levi   and Dali Espace, France’s largest museum dedicated to Dali Sculpture and artworks, based in Montmarte, Paris. On exhibition through November 25th 2009.

Salvador Dali Monumental sculpture ‘ Dance of Time II’ at the Chateau de Pommard, Bourgogne, FranceThe Castle of Pommard has been owned by Maurice Giraud   since 2003.  Today, Château de Pommard is the largest private vineyard in Bourgogne. Its 20 hectares of wines in a single plot belonging to the same owner are enclosed by a two-metre high wall. That very fact makes it unique.

Its terrain draws its strength from a clay and limestone soil that was formed in the Upper Jurassic age and the microclimate that prevails in the vineyard. Each plot has its own identity, which is why Philippe Charlopin, the master winemaker, makes the wine from them separately.

Between Maurice Giraud and Dali, this is the history of an encounter between an amateur of art and an artist.   The passion of the owner for art and especially Dali’s artworks, convinced Giraud that the castle would be the perfect setting for an exhibition. With this passion, he convinced the Stratton Foundation   and Espace Dali to organize this event.  

Amongst the sculptures on display, are, "St. George and   the Dragon", "The Unicorn" and “Lady Godiva with Butterflies”, three of Dali’s most recognisable images cast in bronze in museum size.

The monumental size sculpture which stands at over three metres tall, is the ‘Dance of Time II’, the melted watch being the most iconoclastic of Dali’s images. It has been elegantly placed in the central courtyard of the Chateau where it catches the visitors eye and creates a stunning landmark set against the ancient stonewalls and a medieval fountain.

The Chateau de Pommard   is open everyday (including on Sundays and holidays) from 10 am to 6pm, entry costs 17 euro   including a   guided tour of the grounds and wine cellars as well as special wine tastings.

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