Matias Factorovich The Golden Space 

Cordoba, Argentina - The varieties of works that make up this exhibition of Matias Factorovich are based on the idea that out of the original chaos is possible to give birth to "the things of the world". On exhibition at Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery September 5 - October 5 2007.

Hence, some of the pieces contain an array of materials seemingly heterogeneous (from small objects of daily use to non-functional or broken elements) that Factorovich has assembled to provoke among them a relationship of harmonious dialogue. Inserted in this new context, and many times through the use of irony, these objects acquire other significance; they are revalued as they get impregnated with a profound poetic sense.

"In these pictorial works, the irony and the poetical are shaped by using an intense palette which naturally travels from the dark to the luminous, from the cold to the warm, from the dry to the moist. It's recurrent the use of certain figures (self referential, religious, mythological or from the animal world) which create the imaginary, poetic-mythical universe of this artist." ... Rubén Pagliero

MARIA ELENA KRAVETZ Gallery (working to under the name of Artempresa until Gallery December 2005) celebrates in 2007, ten years in art. Original We specialize in artworks focused in contemporary art, emphasizing Latin-American expressions.

We work closely with our artists to help them promote to their talent, make connections in the art community locally and internationally, and bring to their work to public attention, particularly Young professionals in the beginning of to their careers. Located in Cordova, in the heart of Argentina We are exhibitors for five years in SOFA New York and Chicago and show the sole Latin-American art gallery in both events and have participated too in some editions of Art Miami and Palm Beach Contemporary. Visit :

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