Guillermo Trujillo La Iguana Verde 

(Boca Raton, FL – August 9, 2007) The Boca Raton Museum of Art is pleased to announce the opening of Guillermo Trujillo: Panamanian Master; and two exhibitions of selected works from the Museum’s Permanent Collection: Conflicting Currents: Aspects of American Art 1920 -1950 and The Other Half: Women Artists in the Collection. The Trujillo exhibition will be on display September 5 through November 4, 2007.


Panama’s most important artist of the 20th Century, Guillermo Trujillo (born 1927 at Horconcitos, Chiriqui) was a leading initiator of Panama’s modern movement. This exhibition presents his work over the last four decades – work developed in successive phases in which his message becomes more complex and his composition more elaborate. Always faithful to his aesthetic vision, Trujillo continues to investigate Nature and Man, within an all-embracing national and universal vision. For ancient rituals and Shamanistic trances enact the myth of the nucho, an all-powerful ceremonial baton carved in the shape of an animal or bird that controlled every aspect of life for Panama's ancient tribal people. Using the nucho as a metaphor for spiritual transformation or life force, Trujillo paints plants, animals, fish, fowl, humans, even the supernatural in the stylized elongated shape of the sacred baton.

His figures grow out of the soil, are nurtured by the sun, and often float like spirits into the sky, either full of life like the rain forest or pale like ghosts and wisps of clouds. Through thirty-seven masterful paintings and drawings completed over the last eight years, Trujillo presents us with a picture of Panama rich in traditions, lush landscapes, and modern aesthetics.

Guillermo Trujillo El Gran Chaman(This exhibition has been guest curated by art historian Dr. Carol Damian, professor of art history, Florida International University, Miami, and noted authority of Latin American art.)

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