Q:Who sponsors Art Knowledge News?

A: Art Knowledge News is sponsored by the Art Appreciation Foundation, a private non-profit organization that donates $3.2 million dollars annually to many charities and non-profit organizations. . . worldwide.


Q: Why does the Art Appreciation Foundation (AAF) sponsors Art Knowledge News?

A: Part of the Foundations bequest is devoted to informing and enlightening people about the “World of Art”


Q: Does AAF buy art?

A: Good question. Yes, AAF buys art from emerging artists and thereafter donates the art to museums, NGO's and for sale at fundraising charity art events both online and at various locations.


Q: If I subscribe to AKN will my name be sold or exchanged?

A: Never !


Q: Does AKN accept submissions of art related articled and/or annoucements?

A: Of course we do. Just submit your article, news item, essay, etc. to:


Q: Does AKN have resources that can appraise art? Restore art? Find art to buy?

A: Not directly, but on our link pages you may find reliable resources that can quickly guide you to answers you seek.

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